Heartbeat Fetal Doppler

Heartbeat Fetal Doppler

Heartbeat Fetal Doppler

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Want to hear that reassuring heartbeat sound every day?

  • The Heartbeat Fetal Doppler is an at-home handheld device that uses ultrasound waves to hear and monitor your baby's heart rate. It will provide you with peace of mind and relieve your anxiety in between doctor's appointments.
  • Great for high-risk or nervous soon-to-be mothers that are looking for an easy way to make sure that their loved one is safe & healthy at all times.

 Put your mind at ease by listening to your baby's heartbeat

  • The Fetal Doppler is equipped with a highly sensitive, 2.5 MHz and water-resistant probe that sends out ultrasound waves to monitor your baby's heart rate and to transform the signals into sounds. It includes a loud speaker and a headphone jack for better hearing.
  • The device is battery-powered and lightweight so it is fully portable. We employ only the latest Fetal Heart Monitoring (FHR) technology to ensure the safety and accuracy of our products. The LCD screen clearly displays the baby's heart rate & the high-quality speaker makes a precise audio output of the heartbeat in real-time.

Completely safe for your baby and yourself

  • The FDA confirmed that there are no known risks of using ultrasounds because they do not emit any type of harmful radiations. In fact, diagnostic ultrasounds have been used both at-home and professionally since the 1950s.
  • Some of our customers have detected a heartbeat as early as 8 to 10 weeks but it is recommended that you wait until 12 weeks for optimal use. The best time to use the Fetal Doppler would be 30 minutes after waking up or 30 minutes before going to bed.

How does it work?

  • The probe sends out ultrasound waves into the area that it is placed over and these waves are reflected by the constant movement of the fetal heart, changing the original frequency sent out by the probe. The Doppler then picks up on this change of frequency and transforms it into a sound.
  • Ultrasound gel and batteries not included. At-home Fetal Doppler is meant to be used in between doctor visits, not instead. Lube, hand sanitizer, coconut oil and aloe gel can be used temporarily to replace ultrasound gel.

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